About Us

Why have an Internet website? When you have a website, it’s like having a business that is open 24 hours a day! That puts you ahead of your competitors who aren’t on the Internet.

The Internet “audience” is over 80 million users and growing rapidly!

A website can be easily changed and updated. It can also grow and change as your business grows and changes and it’s far less expensive to update than a printed brochure or catalog.

A website will greatly enhance the image of your company, large or small, new or well-established. You do not need to know how to work on the Web to know that the Web can work for you.

A website will bring your business new customers who are searching specifically for your products or services. Don’t let them find your competition first!

A website will keep established customers informed of changes in your products, services, and pricing.

If your goal is to deliver your message to a targeted audience, nothing is more effective than the Internet. The adage, “build it and they will come” rings true with the Web. It enables you to deliver direct messages to your audience and develop relationships with individual consumers. Make sure visitors have a reason to come to your site, a reason to stay at your site, and a reason to come back. Then stay on top by tracking and maximizing the results.

Matschca Design, Inc. invites you to explore this website and then contact us today. The future’s not waiting for you….neither is the competition!